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Beacons of Love & Light

on the stormy sea of life, and the vast reaches of cyberspace

Links to Beacons of Love And Light on the Web. Elsa Joys Spiritual page, a real spiritual oasis.
Soar to new heights with LadyHawk from here
Anguae's home page,another place to gather smiles and wisdom
Paula's Surprise Garden, for the young & young at heart.
Flower child turned sage, go share this lovely Ladybears vision
Lora's Web of Light. A great place to go, and come back to.
Personal Growth Web Site. Got questions? So does Fred!
Jack Kerouac's spiritual vision of love & light, give this gift to your sisters & brothers.
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors
Linda's Matters of the Spirit
Join Pathwalker on the poetic pathways of a Starlight Journey
Go visit Arden's place, Upnorth!
Talieds Reality is full of love, poetry and other special things.
Go visit Marilee's very special site; fun, games and offline things to do.
Katies light and bright home page.
Art, poetry & spiritualism by a young sage named Duc.
Spiritualism and more by ABHIJIT DHARMADHIKARI .
Tali's home page was, and is, a true Beacon of Love and Light. She has gone from this time/space construct, but her page lives on thanks to some very good people.
The Zoo Fence - A Spiritual Commentary
A site abounding in Hindu & universal spirituality & wisdom
Taoism and Poetry, featuring haiku and a gentle touch.
The basics of Buddhism
Art Is!...The spirituality in and of art, paintings and commentary.
A pretty & loving place.
Blue Star speaks.
A light on many paths.
The Taoist Circle...a look at Lao Tzu's philosophy
Innerspace, a light on the path.
Surf the Cosmic Net with Surendra Dass.
geebees Poetry & Arts Connection
ichi-ban haiku, & it's from norway
on your long trek through cyberspace, stop at Lacies and reflect with her on love & life
a buddha laughed when he saw this one
Coffee and poetry await you here.
Alex's Restaurant, cartoons for when we start taking ourselves too seriously.
Spiritual Books on-line

The sites listed above are recipients of that emanates from this site in recognition of being especially loving, sources of light, or full of lightness.

A Special Thanks to this lady. She changed the Beacon of Love & Light Award from a idea into reality.

Those of us who have joined the United Communities of Spirit believe that the spiritual transformation of global culture can arise through a cooperative network system, that brings together into one linked context the highest insights of all religions, and coordinates the participation of millions of people. Come join us in the spirit of Love & Light.

Rainbow Around The World

A goal worthy of your support!

The concept presented on this page, One World, is an idea I have also considered. If we each love our neighbors, and they in turn love theirs, then this idea will take form and grow.

Please note that I am not promoting the sale of goods advertised on this site. I am promoting only the ideal of One World.

Lifestream is here...

all the connections on this page are complete.
They are a fine collection of sites and deserve some of your time
Please come again

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