excerpts from

The Lazy Mans Guide to Enlightenment by Thaddeus Golas

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          "We are equal beings and the universe is our relations with each other. The universe is made of one kind of entity: each one is alive, each determines the course of his own existence."

          "...all experiences are available to the One Mind, and the One Mind is all of Us or any of Us at the highest level of expansion. ...God could not create anything more limited than himself that would persist, but if he duplicates himself, he can enjoy a persistent universe. Each entity, therefore, is a duplicate of God, 'made in his image.'"

          "What we need to remember is that there is nobody here but us chickens."

          "The kind of brain and body you have, the family and society, the time in history you were born into, all these and more were determined by you yourself, by your degree of expansion, by your willingness to love. No one did anything to you. No one forced you. There is absolute justice in the experience that each of us is having every second of the day. In one sense we can all relax, because nothing is secret, nothing is lost, nothing is forgotten, no one is abandoned."

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