Sometime in the next 24 hours the universe is going to show off just for you. It could be something spectacular or something as simple as your everyday coffee tasting especially rich this morning. Take a moment to appreciate the gift, the universe likes to know you’re paying attention; in fact may seem to gift you more often. Enjoy your day(s).


                Greetings, and welcome; Come join me in a journey in time and space, and beyond. You will find links below that will take you to the introspective and contemplative domains of poetry; you will find links that will take you to sites rich in spirit and spirituality, light and lightness. The links will change, as does the world, as will this page, as will you and I. We are alive in a most dynamic time. Someone once said of a time past,"It was the best of times and the worst of times..." Each generation feels that quote speaks to their own times; they could be right. I feel we are on the edge of an exciting new frontier of the mind and spirit that is of as great or greater importance than any humankind has faced thus far. So, lighten up, spread your wings, and let us soar to new heights,together! Namaste(I honor the light within you)
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In Defense of the Ego

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The Haiku Poets Hut

        Soul food:

        One must take great care when opposing oppression, injustice and dogma not to become oppressive, unjust or dogmatic. soji

        second helpings:

        Love is the answer

        All of our problems exist because some one is not loving someone else. It has to start with YOU. Is there someone you are not loving?


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